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The game is a fan-made Pokemon Chaos Black game that is loosely based on the USA English version of the Pokemon FireRed games. The game was released in 2009, it has since been downloaded by more than 100,000+ people.

It is a ROM hack of Pokemon Chaos Black that includes all 60+ Pokemon from the original games. Download Pokemon Chaos Black GBA ROM Zip available Below Now.

Chaos Black GBA
  • Game Name: Pokemon Chaos Black
  • Developer: Enix-Zae, Mewthree, Samson
  • Console: Gameboy Advance [GBA]
  • Hack From: Pokemon FireRed
  • Status: Completed
  • Genres: Action & Adventure
  • Released: 01 January 2009

Pokemon Chaos Black GBA ROM Download

Pokemon Chaos Black ROM is the perfect choice for fans of the Pokemon game series. Chaos Black presents a unique storyline that is a free download for Gameboy Advance users. This is a complete Rom for Pokemon FireRed.

There is a slightly modified map and some new graphics available for Chaos Black by Enix-Zae, Mewthree, and Samson. Then download and enjoy Pokemon Chaos Black GBA ROM if you want to feel the excitement.

Pokemon Chaos Black Features

  • A slightly modified map.
  • Some new graphics.
  • 60+ new Pokemon.
  • A tweaked storyline.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
  • A special edition version of FireRed


Pokemon Chaos Black Plot

  1. MAGID is a Pokemon of the Grass and Electric types. There are two moves it knows: Tackle and Leech Seed. This game is recommended for players who are new to the series.
  2. FLAGON is a Pokemon of the Fire type. There are two moves it knows: Scratch and Growl. This game is recommended for experienced players.
  3. BLIQU is a Pokemon of the Water type. There are two moves it knows: Tackle and Charm. Players of intermediate skill levels should consider this game.

How to Play Pokemon Chaos Black

To play pokemon chaos black without any problems follow the steps:

The first step is to install the cheat engine on the PC. First, you need to download an Emulator on the internet. Download the latest Pokemon Chaos Black ROM file on this site. After downloading, open the file and simply launch it by clicking ‘run’.

[Tips] Choose your CPU speed under Program Speed. If you want something faster then choose higher speeds but beware because it can slow down your system if there is not enough power from your CPU out of control!

Pokemon Chaos Black Walkthrough


If you’re a Pokemon fan, the Chaos Black version is perfect for you. There are more than 60 Pokemon ROM Games to choose from, which provide excellent gameplay enjoyment. So, Download, Install, play, and Enjoy.


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