Pokemon Polished Crystal ROM Download

Pokemon Polished Crystal is a popular modification of the original Pokemon Crystal game. It features many changes to improve the gameplay experience, including new graphics and music, as well as various tweaks to the game mechanics.

Overall, Polished Crystal is a great way to revisit the classic Pokemon adventure with some fresh new content. Pokemon Polished Crystal ROM Download v3.0.0 is available below Now.

Polished Crystal 3.0
  • Game Name: Pokemon Polished Crystal
  • Developer: Rangi42 And FredrlQ
  • Console: GameBoy Color [GBC]
  • Hack From: Pokemon Crystal
  • Version: v3.0 and v2.2
  • Language: English
  • Updated: 13 October 2022

Pokemon Polished Crystal 3.0 Download

If you’re looking for a great Pokemon game to play, then you should check out Pokemon Polished Crystal 3.0. This ROM is packed with tons of awesome features and gameplay enhancements that make it one of the best fan-made Pokemon games out there.

Plus, the graphics and music have been completely redone and are stunning. So if you’re looking for a top-notch Pokemon gaming experience, be sure to download pokemon Polished Crystal 3.0 today!

Pokemon Polished Crystal Features

  • There are 253 Pokemon in total, including some new evolutions.
  • 48 new moves are available.
  • A total of 65 TMs and 21 move tutors are available.
  • Lorelei and Agatha are among the new characters.
  • The maps have been updated.
  • Fairy type, split Physical/Special, Natures, and unlimited TMs, are just a few of the new mechanics in the game.
  • Rematches of Gym Leaders will be available after the game.
  • The level curve has been improved.
  • New music has been added.
  • The graphics have been updated.

Pokemon Polished Crystal Emulator [Recomendated]

They are ROMs in .gbc format. Play it with BGB, mGBA, Gambatte, or another accurate emulator for Game Boy Color if you’d like to just play the game. Please do not use VBA or VBA-M.

How to Play Pokemon Polished Crystal

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Crystal, or just want to try out a different version of the game, Polished Crystal is worth checking out! Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download an emulator like BGB or mGBA. These will let you play GBC games on your computer or phone.
  2. Find a copy of Polished Crystal ROM(Pre-Download from this site). Make sure you get the .gbc file, not a .ips file! 3. Open your emulator and load up the Polished Crystal .gbc file that you downloaded earlier 4. Start playing! Remember to save often, as this is a beta version of the game and may still contain some bugs.”

Pokemon Polished Crystal Walkthrough


If you’re a fan of the Pokemon series, then you’ll want to check out Polished Crystal, a ROM hack of the classic game Pokemon Crystal. The game features new gameplay mechanics that make it feel like an entirely new experience.

Plus, with all of the extra content added in, there’s plenty to keep you busy for hours on end. So if you’re looking for a fresh take on an old favorite, be sure to give Polished Crystal a try! So, Download, install, Play, and Enjoy.


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