Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM Hack Download

Hey! This is a Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM Hack made for GameBoy Advance. GS Chronicles Game version 2.6 play with an Emulator online. Pokemon GS Chronicles is a single title from this console’s many RPG games, adventure games, and pokemon games.

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Pokemon GS Chronicles v2.6
  • Game Name: Pokemon GS Chronicles
  • Developer: RUKI
  • Console: Gameboy Advance [GBA]
  • Hack From: Pokemon FireRed
  • Status: Completed
  • Version: v2.6
  • Language: English
  • Updated: 15 June 2021

Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM Hack Download

Pokemon GS Chronicles is a ROM hack of the Game Boy Advance game, Pokemon FireRed. It was created by RUKI and is available for download on his website. The hack features new maps, sprites, and music from the Generation II games.

One of the most notable changes in this hack is that all 251 pokemon are available to catch in the wild. This includes several pokemon not initially available in FireRed, such as Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Murkrow, Misdreavus, and Sneasel. There are also some new areas to explore including an entire island dedicated to Bug-type pokemon.

If you’re a fan of the Generation II games or just looking for a fresh take on an old favorite, Pokemon GS Chronicles is worth checking out!

Pokemon GS Chronicles Features

  • There are some new puzzles in some areas
  • Each map is based on an HGSS map
  • Wild Pokemon based on time
  • Original HGSS soundtrack
  • It has a nice split between Physical and Special
  • The storyline and plot are completely new.
  • Different generations of pokemon.
  • The Pokedex includes Pokemon from Gens 4-6.
  • The Day and Night systems and time-based events
  • Discover some legendary Pokemon.
  • A new item called PokeRides replaces HMs
  • A few new Generation 4-8 moves have been added
  • Johto and Kanto have recent locations


Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM Latest Version

Pokemon GS Chronicles is a fan-made game that recreates the story of Pokemon Gold and Silver. The latest version, 2.6, was Updated on 15 June 2021 and featured improved graphics and bug fixes.

Pokemon GS Chronicles Cheats

There are many cheats for the game Pokemon GS Chronicles. One popular cheat is the walk-through walls cheat. This cheat allows you to walk through walls and other obstacles in the game. Another popular cheat is the Master Ball cheat.

With this cheat, you can catch any pokemon with a Master Ball, which is a ball that always catches pokemon no matter what. There are also many other cheats available for this game, so be sure to explore all of your options!

Pokemon GS Chronicles Walkthrough


Pokemon Gs Chronicles Rom Hack is an amazing game that provides great graphics, an HGSS soundtrack, and gameplay. The hack is well-polished and very stable. Overall, it’s a fantastic game that you should check out! Download, Play, and Enjoy.


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