Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Hack NDS ROM Download

The Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Hack ROM is available for the Nintendo DS. The Blaze Black 2 version is an updated version of 1.2 with new types and moves changes. The 649 pokemon in Blaze Black 2 have been added. You can download NDS by scrolling down.

Pokemon Blaze Black 2 v1.2
  • Game Name: Blaze Black & White 2
  • Developer: Drayano
  • Console: Nintendo DS [NDS]
  • Hack From: Pokemon Black 2
  • Version: v1.2
  • Updated: 12 August 2020

Pokemon Blaze Black 2 ROM NDS Download

Pokemon Blaze Black 2 is a game that was released in 2012. The game is a remake of the original Pokemon Black and White games. If you a real fan of the Pokemon Franchise? Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Hack NDS ROM for you.

It is a completely free ROM developed by Drayano. Blaze Black 2 hack from Black 2 game with Updated graphics with Field Moves to unlock new areas. Download Pokemon Blaze Black 2 ROM Hack Download

Pokemon Blaze Black & White 2 Features

  • Unlock new areas with Field Moves.
  • Generation VI starters will now be available.
  • Pokemon up to Generation 7
  • Fairy Type
  • new level curve
  • all 649 pokemon
  • added new moves
  • custom fights
  • new legendaries
  • More Postgame
  • New Type/Move Changes
  • New Learnsets
  • Explore Senjo with stunning tiles!
  • Expanded abilities and Moves


Where do I download pokemon blaze black 2 rom

You Can Download pokemon blaze black 2 ROM Hack with an updated version for Nintendo DS here. always remember that download ROM files from reputable Sources.

Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Playthrough


Pokemon blaze black 2 is an excellent ROM for Pokemon fans. All 649 pokemon have been added to this Nintendo DS ROM hack. Get it now, install it, play it, and enjoy it.