Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM Hack Download


Are you Finding a Pokemon Black 2 ROM Hack Download for Nintendo DS? This is the right place to download Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM Hack with amazing graphics and enhanced Nintendo DSi. This ROM is an NDS Zip file free for download Now.

Moon Black 2 Latest Version
  • Game Name: Pokemon Black Moon 2
  • Developer: JrFort & Aster
  • Console: Nintendo DS [NDS]
  • Hack From: Pokemon Black 2
  • Version: Beta 4.2.2
  • Updated: April 4, 2022

Pokemon Moon Black 2 Download Latest Version

If you are a fan of the pokemon franchise then we have great news for you. we provide Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM Hack Download free for everyone. The original pokemon game playing feels with updated features. If you’re interested in trying out this hack Latest Version 4.2.2. With the new plot and area, Pokemon Moon Black 2 Latest Version is a fabulous video game.

Pokemon Moon Black 2 Features

  • This is Generation 7 Pokemon Game.
  • UI and Battle System have been changed.
  • Several new pokemon have been added.
  • It has impressive graphics.
  • Gyms have been replaced by quests.
  • Completing a quest will earn you new badges.
  • A reputation system that is amazing
  • The game now has a new plot and area to explore.
  • There are some places that are restricted.
  • All gyms must be passed out.
  • There are New gym Leaders, Elite Four, and champions.


Pokemon Moon Black 2 NDSi Features

  1. The Poke Ball inside the icon wiggles when viewed on the Nintendo DSi or 3DS home screen.
  2. Many menus scroll faster and they load more quickly.
  3. There is a region lock on the Japanese versions of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.
  4. WPA routers are recognized by these games and can be connected to them.
  5. Xtransceiver communications can be conducted using the user-facing camera.
  6. Unlike older Nintendo DS systems, the C-Gear displays the system power with three bars rather than two.

How to play Pokemon Moon Black 2

Emulators are required to play Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM on PC. Visual Nintendo DS [NDS] emulator can be downloaded online using the search engine. Once the emulator has been downloaded and installed, open it by clicking File > Open. Using the emulator, locate Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM on your computer. Playing the game should now begin!

Pokemon Moon Black 2 Walkthrough


We offer the Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM download for NDS, and it is typically easy to find and install. Players report that the game offers an enjoyable experience, with new challenges and features not found in previous versions. Overall, players seem to be very happy with the game and recommend it to others. So Download, Play and Enjoy.


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