Pokemon Garbage Green ROM Hack Download

Garbage Green Pokemon ROM Hack Download is Available for various consoles developed by Spegasparce Hack from the Pokemon Series. This is a completed version With New Region and update graphics. If you are a Real fan of the pokemon Series then download Pokemon Garbage Green ROM Hack and Enjoy it.

Garbage Green ROM Hack
  • Game Name: Pokemon Garbage Green
  • Developer: Spegasparce
  • File Format: .ips
  • Version: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Updated: 15 June 2022

Pokemon Garbage Green Features

  • Wild Pokemon have been changed on every route.
  • TMS that can be purchased indefinitely has been removed.
  • In gauntlets, poison has been disabled so that it doesn’t Insta-wipe out of battle
  • There are no longer any EVs.
  • Opened with a new cutscene.
  • The starters have been changed to Slugma, Paras, and Goldeen.
  • Many overworld sprites have been replaced with Ditto in static Pokemon encounters.
  • Certain areas are restricted – linearized Kanto.
  • Trading good mons for bad mons holding items has become an integral part of resource management.
  • Nerfs to PP of many moves to make resource management more difficult.


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